Put Our 30 Years of Experience to Work For You

A Trusted and Reliable Marketing Partner

Clients enjoy working with Natalie Marquis and Creative Leap International, LLC because of our experience, effectiveness, responsiveness, creativity and all-around passion for marketing.

We take time to get to know our client’s challenges, needs and dreams. Our ultimate goal is to make marketing a little easier, and dare we say more fun!  We help our clients create and implement marketing strategies that are comfortable, doable and destined for success. We are careful to outline tactics that make the most of a client’s natural proficiencies – and their budget, which increase the odds of a sustainable and successful marketing program. When appropriate we also coach our clients to explore new tactics and reach a little beyond their comfort zone. This “stretch” invigorates the client and business, often creating delightful increases in sales and visibility.

Natalie-Timmons-180x180-Oct-2014The company’s founder, Natalie Eve Marquis, is a 30-year marketing communications veteran. She’s been instrumental in many successful marketing ventures with global companies, mid-size ventures and small business and solopreneurs. She is an insightful strategist and a hands-on creative pro with award-winning copywriting and graphic design skills. She is known for her enthusiasm, effectiveness and creativity. She is also an certified hypnotherapist & energy healer and artist/illustrator. For fun, she enjoys riding her Harley Davidson Fat Boy, going to the movies (anything but horror flicks), hiking, bowling and dancing.

Contact Us: Please email Leap(@)CreativeLeapLLC.com or call (603) 642-4949 to explore how we can help you successful marketing programs.