Add a Link to Your Blog Article in Facebook

add a link to you blog in FacebookAdding a link to your blog article in Facebook is quick and easy. I’ve created an easy screen-shot guide to walk you through the steps. Click here to download How to Add a Blog Post Link to Facebook Guide.

Here is a summary of the basic steps:

In order post your blog article to Facebook, we need to find the URL of your article.  To do so, visit your website and your blog’s landing page.

STEP 1: From the home page of your website, click the tab for your blog.

  • If you have your blog set as your home page, then your blog landing page is the home page (and your list of blog articles appears there).

STEP 2: From the blog landing page, click the article that you want to promote on Facebook.

STEP 3: Copy the URL of the blog article.

STEP 4: Open a new browser window or tab and visit your Facebook business page or personal page.

STEP 5: Paste the link into the status box. This automatically creates a link,  pulling an image and text from your blog article page.

STEP 6: Next, delete or back space over the URL (you only needed to make the blog article image & text appear).

STEP 7:  Type in a brief teaser sentence (something that will make the user want to click & read your blog article) and click Post.

That’s it, you’re done!

Download the guide to see step-by-step screen shots: How to Add a Blog Post Link to Facebook Guide.